Questions and answers concerning the Copyright © 

Q ? What's  «Copyright»?

1) Copyright is the exclusive right of an Author or his Publisher to use (publish) a literary, 
    artistic or scientific work during several years

2) This right is marked with a © - sign followed by the copyright-owner's name and the year 
    in which the work was first published.

Q ? What does «Copyright» mean?
A= It's forbidden to copy or to publish works with copyright signs (under copyright) whiteout the written permission of the owner of the copyright or to use a work for other as private uses.  
Q ? It's allowed to print pages from your WEB site?
A= YES, of course! You have our permission to print out so many pages as you like from our WEB site for your private use. If you like to print the pricelist, map, special offers, photos of the rooms, etc. do it ! For best results set you margins at 10 mm (7/16 ")! Make copies for your friends as many you want.

If you're a company and use our ideas, texts or pictures for other as strictly private use, you need before our written permission. Always the copyright information must be published together with the published object. 

Q ? What's happen if someone don't respect this rolls?
A= In North America and Europe infraction of copyrights is a serious crime! Persons which violate the copyright on one of our site are prosecuted for a minimum of $ 3 000 up to $ 100 000 plus lawyer and attorney costs! 
Q ? Can we buy copyrights?
A = YES ! In some cases you can buy the copyright for an object. Or you let us create some texts, pictures, and ideas just for your needs! You pay for and become copyright owner.

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